Why isn’t Pluto a planet?

Contrary to what Jerry Smith says in Rick and Morty, Pluto is not a planet. But why did Pluto lose this designation in 2006? The International Astronomical Union has 3 main criteria to determine what is a planet and what is not. These three criteria are: having an orbit around the sun, having sufficient massContinue reading “Why isn’t Pluto a planet?”

What causes Climate Change?

Climate change is a topic that is dominating the country politically, but what is the actual science behind it? Our atmosphere is made up of a specific set of elements which block harmful radiation from reaching the Earth and trap other types of radiation to warm the planet (aka the greenhouse effect). This effect isContinue reading “What causes Climate Change?”

How does the Sun create so much heat?

The Sun is the energy source of our universe. It provides the heat and light that allows life on Earth to survive. It is a molten hot ball that is many times more massive than the Earth. It is very interesting to think about how the Sun produces such high amounts of energy. The SunContinue reading “How does the Sun create so much heat?”

History of the Telescope

The telescope was first invented in the Netherlands in 1608. Its design quickly spread across Europe until it reached Galileo. Galileo spent years refining and redeveloping the telescope until it was much more powerful than before. He was able to observe many new astronomical phenomena such as the moons of Jupiter. For a while, GalileoContinue reading “History of the Telescope”

What would happen if humans could travel at the speed of light?

Light speed travel has been a staple of popular culture for years. I first became aware of the idea of light speed from watching Star Wars as a kid. But would we ever be able to actually travel at the speed of light? What would happen if we were able to achieve light speed travel?Continue reading “What would happen if humans could travel at the speed of light?”

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